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The versatile fashion and textile industry is where Billie Lucky expanded to first, besides real estate. Lois Jeans became the first member of what would become the Billie Lucky Group of Companies in 2015.

In a constantly changing fashion industry, Billie Lucky took the challenge to re-establish Lois Jeans. The iconic fashion brand which dates back to the 60’s of the previous century has been reinvented and is currently once again becoming the leading jeans brand it once was.

Lois Jeans, since 1962

Lois Jeans already had most of the pieces that were needed to give rebirth to the company. Billie Lucky recognized the important elements that were already in place, added a few more and provided Lois Jeans with a vision and stable foundation to build on towards a brighter future.

By putting quality and heritage first, Lois Jeans has developed a clear cut style which is strong, bold and different than its competitors. Production is all done in Europe in order to maintain the highest quality possible and to keep close contact with manufacturers.