Just do it

At Billie Lucky we don’t think about it;
we just do it.

The Billie Lucky Group of Companies is a boutique private equity firm.
Since 2015 we have been investing both emotionally and financially in several companies such as food & beverage, fashion and real estate.


Through our extensive experience in entrepreneurship, our great international network and comprehensive knowledge of marketing, using our own dedicated agency Headsprung, we have created a unique business positioning.

This has resulted in a stable portfolio and synergy within the organization.


Our mission is to find, invest in and build stronger companies. We are committed to building long-term relationships, based on trust, openness, respect and the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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We target niche, European SMEs, characterized by solid entrepreneurial qualities and a long-term focus, with a focus on family-owned businesses.

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Our portfolio varies from companies in real estate, luxury, fashion, textile and the food & beverage industry. Even though they’re all individual companies, most branches  are intertwined.

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Food & Beverage