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The Company

Built on a foundation of successful real estate transactions, the Billie Lucky Group of Companies was established in 2015. By expanding its activities outside the real estate sector, Billie Lucky created a diverse, international portfolio in food, retail, fashion and luxury.

Even though they’re all individual companies, most branches of the Billie Lucky Group of Companies are intertwined.

“Oh, I’ve certainly never been short of pleasure. Do you know what real pleasure is? A creative act. A pleasure without creativity is dead boring.”

Gianni Agnelli

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

Originally from The Netherlands, Billie Lucky is currently operating out of Luxembourg all over Europe and the rest of the world. By recognizing and acting upon opportunities in different countries and (emerging) markets that others don’t see, Billie Lucky has successfully built a stable portfolio. 

Adding value to our brands

All Billie Lucky companies share the same DNA. They were all (re)created from a creative perspective.

A Billie Lucky company has heritage, is preferably family-owned and has a relatable story.

Whether it’s by creating a new company with ties to the past such as Sichterman Yachts, or by reinventing a classic worldwide brand like Lois Jeans with almost 60 years of history.

Billie Lucky adds value by giving companies an identity others want to be a part of.  

The team is most important

By having a strong connection to competitive team sports, the team effort is always put first at Billie Lucky. The company is run from a strong core team in Luxembourg, where (financial) advisors work with both family offices and institutional investors to ensure that Billie Lucky can keep on growing.  


Every Billie Lucky company has likeminded professionals in charge of every different business Billie Lucky has invested in. This ensures a personal approach, with open and quick communication.