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In a ever-changing world brands constantly need to adapt in order to service their target audiences in the most effective way possible. For some companies this has meant quickly setting up and expanding their online presence, and in other cases it has meant moving into completely new segments of the market.


Headsprung is a creative agency for branding, marketing and achieving business objectives for its clients. It is the permanent agency for all activities of private equity party Billie Lucky, but increasingly focuses on other clients as well.

SME’s are the largest market there is, and the digitisation battle is also underway there. Wholesalers and food companies are increasingly becoming sales and marketing- oriented organisations. Most SME companies are too slow, cumbersome and top-down organised. They struggle with organising their marketing.

Here’s where Headsprung comes in.

Your business partner for growth

Headsprung is a creative marketing partner for business strategy and digital marketing. They create and perform with pleasure, through their five-stage method. That’s how they know how to make organizations leaders in their industry.

Headsprung strives for renewed energy for businesses. They make marketing manageable and put the business results at the heart of what clients do. Headsprung operates in close cooperation with brands such as Lois Jeans, Holland Food Group and Sichterman Yachts, as well with other companies outside the Billie Luck Group of Companies.